Latin for kids: Latin American and street Latin are very popular, with dances like samba, swing, cha cha, merengue, salsa & mambo. A fun new class to try out. The kids are taught in a friendly & fun environment they learn rhythm, balance, coordination, and also the ability to build their confidence and communication skills.

Latin for Adults: Ever wanted to learn salsa, bachata, cha cha, jive, rumba & samba? Well now is your chance, come & try our new classes!! A friendly welcoming learning environment, increase your fitness, achieve new goals & most of all have fun. You don’t need to have a partner for these classes, there will be a mix of people and staff at each of our classes. We will be offering a beginners  class for our first timers & an advanced class for those with more experience.

Adult hip hop: Street smart movements shown on most music videos & increasing rapidly in popularity, hip hop is an energetic class great for developing co-ordination & rhythm.

Adult barre: Discover the burn of an intense full body workout, we are about mixing it up, bringing strength, cardio and confidence. Adult barre will help you sculpt, chisel and lengthen your muscles all with the support of the barre.

Tiny tumble: your child will learn basic tricks, rolling, tumbling, balance & co-ordination in a very supportive & welcoming environment. Ages 3+yrs

Tiny hip hop: learn all the latest street moves in this energetic & fun class designed for ages 3-5 yrs


General Classes: these classes are designed to give all students grounding in jazz and tap styles. They have names like juniors, sub-inters etc and most students will be enrolled in a general class as their main dance class. General classes develop students technique, co-ordination, and timing. Students also learn combinations and routines to compliment skills learnt.
ATOD Ballet: Australian Teachers of Dancing is a world renowned ballet syllabus and offers students the opportunity to learn and develop the classical ballet technique with a creative emphasis.  ATOD is a good, strong technical class for the serious dancer.
ATOD Jazz and Tap: Modern Jazz and Tapping exams for the serious dancer. This syllabus allows students to develop and consolidate jazz and tap technique learning set work each week.
ATOD Examination Classes: Examinations offer the students a fantastic chance to be accredited as they progress in their chosen genre.

This program is unique & has been designed by dance educators to cater for the 2-5 year age group exploring movement, mine, music, magic, make-believe & much much more.

Is your child’s sense of wonder & imagination alive & well?

The Australian Teachers of Dancing are leaders in the field of dance education. ATOD provides systems of training in various genres and have provided dance teachers with resources for the early childhood sector for almost 20 years.

The unique Imagine program has been created by ATOD Examiners and dance educators who have years of experience in this field.

Level 1 You & me

2-3 year age group

Level 2 I am me

3-4 year age group

Level 3 me & my friends

4-5 year age group

Tiny tots: is a unique preschool program for your little dancers encouraging imagination and creative movement in a nurturing environment. We welcome parents to watch, encourage and support their child during the class ‘’as a mummy myself,I know my little one’s would be much more comfortable with me there supporting them’’ we use props such as wands, ribbons, fairy wings & teddy bears to focus on self-expression, imagination and interpretation . a fun magical class for your little ones.
Tiny tappers: in this class your child will learn rhythm, movement & coordination in a nurturing environment. A fun class if your child likes making noise.
Open Ballet: Most students take an open ballet class to compliment a general jazz and tap class. These are non examination classes designed for students to develop basic ballet technique as well as musicality, co-ordination and encourage a love for dance in a non competitive environment.
Contemporary: This class allows students to learn exercises and routines that express lyrical interpretations of music and free movement while using basic ballet technique. A fun class to develop strength, flexibility and confidence.
Hip Hop: Street smart movements shown on most music videos and increasing rapidly in popularity. Hip Hop is an energetic class, great for developing co-ordination and rhythm.
Adult Jazz, Tap & ballet:   A fun jazz, tap & ballet class for adults who have not received any formal dance training and would like to learn basic technique and routines while improving their fitness level.
Stretch/Limber: Combining Pilates and exercises that develop core strength, turn out and suppleness, Stretch/Limber is an important class for the serious dancer wanting to improve and maintain flexibility.
Boys Hip Hop: A ‘boys only’ class aimed at boys aged 6 and above. Dance styles include hip hop/funk in an environment that accommodates a boy’s energy, ability and learning processes. Boys are welcome to attend any other classes that suit their age and ability.
Acrobatics: students will learn cartwheels, handstands, walkovers, balance, tricks and strength.

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